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This is a general info/schedule. Any questions you may have can be left in comments!


So, what exactly is this?
  • This is a scavenger hunt! Participants will be randomly assigned to a team and given a list of things to find/create.
What kind of things?
  • Any and all fanworks are fair game! i.e. fics/drabbles, fanart, meta, vidding, fanmixes, recs, etc.
Is there a prize?
  • A self-congratulatory pat on the back, bragging rights and Arthur's approval.
Can anyone join?
  • Yes! As long as you love Inception, you are welcome to participate. :D
Can I just spectate?
  • Of course!
Does everything have to be original/made specifically for the hunt?
  • Not everything! Some items will require you to find things that were previously made. 
Anything else?
  • Have fun and put on your friendliest game face! 


Nov 28 - Dec 9 -- sign ups!
Dec 12 -- Teams announced.
Dec 13 - 18 -- Team building exercises! or, get to know each other and come up with a cool team name! or else. 
Dec 21 -- THE HUNT BEGINS. (be back in time for the kick!!)
Jan 6 -- THE KICK.
Jan 8 - 14 -- Voting!
Jan 15 -- Winners announced. + Party post!

p.s. I know a lot of us are going to be busy with inception_bang, so I'd just like to know if anyone would prefer the hunt to be postponed until inception_bang is over. 

Poll #1798483 Here's a poll!
This poll is closed.

Should the hunt be postponed?

I prefer it be postponed til after Dec 13
I prefer it be postponed til after Dec 21
I prefer it be postponed til after Jan 6
I prefer it be postponed til after a time that I will specify in a comment
No, I prefer the schedule as it is now.

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